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Done For You Virtual Assistants

Our Service Include:

Finding the best virtual assistants
Already trained specific to your business
Live monitoring and coaching
Available when you need them most

Your Total Investment:

We will have a one on one consulting upon ordering so we can deliver you the results you expect.

  • $499 Startup fee
  • $10.50 an HOUR ($12.50 for Spanish/Bilingual).
  • No hidden costs and no minimum hours required

Very important! Watch this:

Why Have Your Own Virtual Assistant?
Let's face it, your business is growing and you are finding it harder and harder to do every single task by yourself.

Your job is to sell, bring money in for your business, and make your business grow.

Not answering the phones, doing data entry, scheduling appointments, or other admin work - although necessary, tasks that don't make you any money.

Your job is to grow - Let us and our virtual assistants do everything else for you.
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Why Hire a Trained Virtual Assistant?

Hiring, recruiting, and training someone by yourself is difficult. People Quit, don't want to work and have to be managed every single day.

You don't have time for that! You need to spend your time doing what you do best, not hiring people, firing people, payroll, and managing personalities. 

We have taken the hard work out of hiring someone.

Some audio samples of VA's speaking to clients...

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Sample 2:

Sample 3:


Now you can focus on what you are good at - selling to interested prospects, providing value to them - and growing your business at a faster pace.

Spend less time on admin and more time on selling.

But Why can't I just hire my own?

You absolutely can find, recruit, hire, and train your own assistant.

However, many agents have told us that they are just too busy. We have the hiring and training process down to a science and can deliver proven results in record time without the hassles and time away from your production.

You can have a fully-trained virtual assistant dedicated to your business.

guarantee-seal-300x221Get your VA Risk-Free 

There is absolutely no commitment required. No minimum hours and you can start and stop as your buiness needs it. See the order page for details.

Avoid Frustration and Hassle
Secure your very own, virtual assistant, and start focusing more on selling and less on admin work.
Here are some of the tasks our VAs are trained to handle:

Data Entry
One of the most tedious tasks we have as insurance agents is keeping track of our sales. Our fully trained telemarketers can keep track of your sales, approvals, declines, follow up work with every new sale you make. This way you can focus more on selling and less on admin.

Lead Follow Up
Regardless of your lead source, sometimes you want them to be more qualified. Our Virtual assistants can follow up on your leads to get a higher commitment before you spend your time calling them back. Regardless if its health qualifying, finding out what benefits they have now, or if they are delaying their Medicare Enrollment, we can gather any info you need before you call the prospect back.

Manage Existing Telemarketers
If you have existing telemarketers and need someone to manage them, let one of our VA's handle that for you. From pulling data to uploading lists to troubleshooting your hardware, our trained virtual assistants know how to do it all. We will train them specifically on how you run your organization. If you need someone to do quality control, listen to calls and coach your existing TM's, our VAs can do that too.

Answering the phone
If you are busy in appointments, following up on your leads, or driving to your next appointment, don't risk losing sales by not answering your phone. Our Trained Virtual assistants know exactly what your business needs. We will train them to answer basic questions, qualifying calls, and even adding people to your schedule. If there is a question they do not have an aswer to, we will find it.

Scheduling Appointments
Our VA's can manage your schedule the way you need it most. No more missed appointments or being double booked. Your day just got a whole lot easier.

Posting On Social Media
Our VA's can manage and post on your business's social media page. They can manage comments and upload new content to promote engagement. They are trained to get your name out there. If you have a blog, we can train them to share your articles on all your social media platforms.
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